Sunday, November 30, 2008

DVD Reviews By Judd Whale

The new movie reviewer for the channel 8 tv show called 'cool parade' is done by a robot that is a cross between judd nelson and a whale. he is called judd whale and he gets about 5 minutes at the end of the show just for him to do a movie review. at the start of the segment, judd whale is lying on his stomach and out of the blow hole comes flying up the dvd case of the movie he is about to review, then they do this trick where the dvd changes from an actual dvd that came out of the blow hole into a picture of the dvd case that spins 360 a heap of times getting bigger and bigger and comes right up to the screen and stops so you can see it clearly. the rating system that judd whale uses is called the kelp-o-meter. the more kelp that judd whale gives a film the better it is. this week he reviewed the movie poison ivy. he said that it was ok, nothing special and the kelp-o-meter went about half way up. he has a side-kick also who is there to make funny comments and i always find it strange when the host is an animatronic judd nelson/whale and the side-kick is a real human. it would be way more believable if the side-kick was like an animated sea turtle that they superimpose into the shot. oh well. but i still like the segment anyway.

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