Friday, November 28, 2008

Old Men From Shops

There is a shop near my house that hires out old men. more and more people seem to want to have old men hanging about the house because now that tv has stopped people need silly stories to entertain themselves. the demand is so high that the store has begun to get middle aged men to wear make up to make them look older and they have synthesized the scent of old men and rub it on the pretend old men to make them more authentic. having one around the house is almost like having a big sleepy cat sometimes, and it is nice to have one curl up at your feet while you read a book or a magazine. they like pats and also like having their tummies rubbed. also people like to put them in the front yard as a kind of welcome home thing and it is funny when all the people on your street do it because that means that there are old men in dressing-gowns on all of the lawns and if you are really still and listen carefully you can hear them all gumming the insides of their mouths. i usually hire out don, but if he is out i like to get george. if it is a cold day you usually hire about 6 or seven and get them to pace around the house and it warms the place up real nice.

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