Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Album From Sha-Sha

Pop music sensation 'sha-sha' has just released her first full length album called, 'the sha-sha shake'. it features her first single, 'magic moves' which came out about a month ago and includes the video-clip for it. the video for 'magic moves' has the dance that she made up called 'the sha-star'. i have been practicing this dance for a while now but i am just not flexible enough to do it, in one part you have to like a star jump but your legs have to bend right up and touch your hands. i read an article that said that maybe sha-sha had her knees removed so she could do it, and i guess that is why i have never seen her actually walking. she is always either suspended from something like in her video clip, or lying down on the ground on her stomach looking at the camera, or underwater with fish. lots of young people are getting this surgery for christmas just so they can do the dance, other people do the dance really really slow while sitting in a chair and there is a version of the song that is exactly the same but slowed right down so the people who do the dance sitting down have time to get into position. this version makes her sound really funny and i find it a little bit scary. i have promised myself that i will not get my knees removed just to do the dance.


jean swan said...

I hope you can keep that promise knee are fun

jean swan said...