Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Psychological Thriller Shortage

Really good scientists have discovered that video shops have removed an entire section of videos, and now a genre could be lost. it is the psychological thriller section, and the stores just mix them all in with 'action adventure'. the biggest problem this causes is that when you get a video from the 'action adventure' section thinking that you are going to go home and watch an 'action adventure' film, you might sometimes have unknowingly picked out a psychological thriller. there is a group that is forming to fix this problem but they haven't come up with a cool acronym so they are basically useless. other different scientists are saying that the genre could be wiped from the face of the planet by 2020. matt damon gave a press conference to talk about the plight of the genre and he had sandwiches and bookshelves thrown at him because people said the 'bourne' whathaveyou's were 'action adventure' and that he was actually part of the problem. he responded by saying that him and ben affleck would remake that movie the lion king as a psychological thriller and star in it themselves in a live action version. if this actually happens, we could see more psychological thrillers being made.

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