Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End For Clock-Radio

The term clock-radio is to be phased out according to one of my sources at a big company that makes electronic goods. my source, aka 'book worm' told me yesterday that this change will have a dramatic effect on the whole of the industry. 'book worm' told me that people are no longer purchasing the clock-radio en masse and in order to get people back to buying them, the industry is changing the name to r.a.d.d which stands for receive analogue display digital (pronounced, rad). mostly it is to attract to the younger share of the market. the current tv campaign has a young boy coming back from the shop to meet his pals and they're all like, hey where have you been jonsey, and then jonsey goes, my new rad is rad, then all his friends look at each other and go, rad rad? then it cuts back to jonsey and he is smiling super big and then it does a close up and he just says, rad, it's rad. then he turns his cap so it is backwards and skateboards away.


Anonymous said...

That does sound pretty rad i mean the r.a.d.d does seem to make more sense that clock-radio which sounds like something from before the 90's keep up the great work sam we need more up to date future people like you

sam alligators said...

thanks chum! i shall sent you an official t-shirt and a drink bottle in the mail