Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spyderon: Private Investigator

There is a new private investigator in my town and his name is spyderon. he is a big spider who also is a spy and he is very good according to his advert in the paper which reads 'spideron is descrete, spideron will catch the baddies, spideron has low fees, spideron is your main squeeze. also spideron is the best'. he has this thing that holds lots of binoculars in front of his many eyes, but he did lose one eye when he was a little boy because he has a wheat allergy and lucky it was only one eye so he has an odd number of eyes so he just wears a patch to cover the odd one out. he has pretty bad asthma too, so he isn't as fast as he used to be. and he doesn't have a car so he has to take the bus but that's ok because he has a disguise that makes him look like a man who is ill. this is a good disguise because he needs to use crutches anyway. i went to visit him in his office which is a room in his moms house, so he doesn't have to pay rent. he told his mom that it is only temporary, and when the big cases start coming in, he will get a proper office. when i went to hang out with him we played mario kart for ages and talked about movies. he even has one of those frosted windows on the door with his name on it and i was really really impressed by it. there is also an ad on tv late at night for his services.

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