Thursday, December 4, 2008


Electric animals i think are pretty cool. like the electric eel and the electric horse, so i am working on a proposal to send to the 'new animals research group' - or, narg - to try to get them to build be some new electric animals. i think i have a pretty good case because what with some animals becoming extinct and all, there should be better ones to take their place. so far i have written a bit over 200 words in my proposal. i want them to make me an electric rabbit - or i was thinking of calling it the 'sting rabbit - so when ever you touch its tail you get 1000000 volts of 'oh crap that hurt!' and i also want a tail piece to cover it up for when i am at home. mostly i will just use it on my enemy todd, but i didn't put that in the proposal. i hate todd. he has a cool haircut. anyway, i want electric rabbits (aka sting rabbits) and i want buzz cats as well. when the people at narg make your new animal they also make up the warning stickers you put on your gate like 'beware of the buzz cat'. the guy who draws them used to work at cracked magazine.

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m.o. said...

Fuck cool haircuts.