Friday, December 5, 2008

Movie Rummager

The cable tv station 'movie rummager' is really neat i think. for those of you who haven't heard about it yet i will give you the low down cheese. each day the producers pick a movie title out of a big bowl then they pick a scene from the movie and remake it so it lasts a whole day. it's really interesting because it's kind of like you are watching people who are somewhat confused and a little bit bored basically doing not much, but with really sweet sets and costumes. today is the scene from the movie parenthood where steve martin is cowboy dan at his sons birthday party. of course it isn't really steve martin, it's someone pretending to be steve martin. so it's kind of like being at a birthday party because it goes for the whole day but all the bits take a really long time and there is lots of interesting dialogue too. they use some of the original dialogue but they have to make up a whole bunch of new stuff too. there have been several hours of a bunch of kids standing in front of a man on a horse just milling about and i like it when they might clear their throats or scratch their heads. all of the actors do look pretty uncomfortable and you can see them talking to people off camera and being handed a cup of coffee. yesterday on movie rummager they did the bit from dirty dancing where swayze and jennifer grey are trying to dance on that log that goes over the stream. it was pretty tedious but they did have lots of nature cut-aways and i think i saw a man in the bushes.

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rhan small ernst said...

i'm a bit behind on this one but i have to say: hahaha!